Rest Area Services

The rest areas we service are:

- I75 14 Florida Welcome Center

- I10 11 East and West Rest Area

- I75 101 North and South Weigh in Motion Scales

- 27 102 Brandford Scales

The Florida Department of Transportation operates 53 rest areas at 35 sites along Florida's interstate highways to provide safe, secure and comfortable rest stops for Florida travelers. Florida Association of Rehabilitation Facilities, Inc. dba RESPECT of Florida contracts with The Florida Department of Transportation to offer opportunities for nonprofits to perform the necessary duties. These agencies provide employment to people with disabilities in operating the rest areas. The Florida Department of Transportation inspects the Rest Areas and Contract to ensure performance meets contractual obligations.

The contracted agencies are responsible for Janitorial, Lawn Care and General Ground’s upkeep.

Attendant Duties: These are required duties. Not All Inclusive

1. Clean Toilets, Urinals, Sinks

2. Sweep, Mp, Scrub Floors

3. Clean by wiping and use of chemical, Wall, Windows and Mirrors

4. Empty Trash cans inside and outside of the facility as needed

5. Sweeping sidewalks and picking up litter on the ground, curbs and gutters

6. Lift on a frequent bases 35 pounds